The majority of coursework is expected to be completed in first and second years of the CCST program. Mentored teaching would ideally be completed during Year 2, and the Teaching Internship would be completed as the capstone experience at any point thereafter (typically Year 3, or can delay to be completed as late as Year 4 or 5; internship must be after qualifying exams are complete and with principal investigator approval).

Sample Timeline:

First (or second) year of grad school (Program “Year 0”)

  • Complete basic science courses as part of science curriculum
  • Complete recommended 10 hours of workshops, seminars, or series (optional)

Second (or third) year of grad school (Program “Year 1”)

  • Apply/accepted and complete BIOL 810 (Fall)
  • Complete EDUC 890 (Spring)

Third (or fourth) year of grad school (Program “Year 2”)

  • Complete EDUC 865 (Fall) with mentored teaching experience
  • Apply for internships (Spring)
  • Attain internship placement/mentor and plan course/prep materials ahead (optional)

Fourth (or fifth) year of grad school (Program “Year 3”)

  • Complete Teaching Internship (Summer or Fall)
  • Complete and submit Teaching Document (Fall/Spring)
  • Service position (optional)
  • Submit checklist of completion with supporting documents to fulfill requirements

Note: Teaching internship timing is flexible and can accommodate a brief delay to support degree progress, or can be completed in a more condensed timeframe, as applicable. Timing should be coordinated to meet advisor’s expectations (e.g., lab/principal investigator) and to create the most optimal timing for the trainee, typically within 6 months to 1 year of the final coursework completion. Timing is also contingent upon identifying a suitable teaching opportunity and mentor as well. Program staff will work with candidates to support as smooth a transition between stages of the program as possible.