Creation of ONE of the following Teaching Documents will complete the capstone individual teaching experience:

  • a) Reflective Teaching Portfolio or
  • b) Teaching in Action Research Project

Students may use a combination of their mentored teaching experiences, individual teaching experience, and/or other relevant teaching/outreach experiences to compose their Reflective Teaching Portfolio or to plan and execute a Teaching in Action Research Project in any of these settings (either in their own classroom or in collaboration with a mentor).

  • The Portfolio can be composed of any relevant combinations the student wishes to highlight with their teaching philosophy, for example: sample assignment, assessments, or syllabi; course evaluations; teaching observations/peer observations; pedagogical training summaries or lists of teaching/mentoring/outreach experiences, etc.
  • The Project, for example, could be as simple as pre/post surveys surrounding an assessment or assignment, an empirical evaluation of a single activity or one-time presentation, or could include more complex semester-long evaluations of an aspect of a course/class (this is intended to be synonymous with CIRTL’s Teaching as Research projects).

Purpose: The Teaching Document is intended to develop thoughtful consideration of teaching practices and/or teaching as research, and to document the Certificate participants’ understanding and competence in the respective areas. The Leadership Team will “accept,” “accept conditionally with revisions,” or “reject” the submitted document (no grade will be assigned; it will simply be recorded as complete on the Certificate checklist).