Application: The application requirements include:

  1. A copy of current CV
  2. A list of the graduate courses taken with grades earned (an unofficial transcript or print out from Student Service Manager is ideal)
  3. A 1-page proposed timeline (by year) indicating when the trainee plans to complete each requirement*
  4. A 1-page statement interest in the program and current career goal(s)
  5. A letter from dissertation advisor stating their support of participation in the program

Recommended Prerequisites: You may wish to provide documentation of relevant workshops, seminars, or course participation to date – recommended 10 hours (e.g., letter documenting attendance; certificate of completion).

*Note: You are encouraged (but not required) to add personal academic milestones as appropriate to be sure program requirements are considered within context of your other academic requirements (e.g., coursework expectations, joining a lab, quals/comps, thesis proposal, first author paper submission, dissertation defense, graduation). We realize these are estimates only, this hope that this document will be a tool to help you complete the program going forward. Through completion is also evidence that you have thought about when and how this will fit into your personal graduate education experience.

Submission Information: The application deadline for the Certificate in College Science Teaching Program is now open.

Application submission portal link: Apply to the College Science Teaching Program.

Application deadline: June 1, 2023 (11:59p)

Want more information or have questions?

Questions: Contact CCST Director Mara Evans, PhD ( or Co-DirectorRebekah Layton, PhD, CMC, PCC (