Why should I participate in the CCST Program?

The training provided by the certificate can help prepare trainees interested in teaching-intensive careers in the sciences to transition into their professional roles successfully.

What other benefits may students gain from participating?

Although the skills emphasized are specifically targeted toward traditional classroom teaching, the benefits of learning how to teach and communicate may also improve trainees’ ability to mentor others in the lab.

What options are included to satisfy the teaching document requirement?

Students will have two options to choose from, one which focuses on reflective teaching practices (teaching portfolio) and one which focuses on designing and implementing teaching in action research (project).

When in my training program should I apply? How long does the program take?

The Graduate Certificate in College Science Teaching is intended to be a 2-3 year program (approximately 3-5 fall/spring semesters) for life-science doctoral students preparing for teaching-intensive careers. Applicants may enter the program at any time as long as they have 2-3 years expected remaining until degree completion (although it is recommended to start the program in the 3rd year of training).

How does the candidate review process work?

Applications will be evaluated by a panel consisting of program leadership and representatives from the Advisory Board. Once the review process is complete, applicants will be notified of acceptance for the upcoming academic year. The application process will be opened prior to the start of each new cohort. Application periods for each new cohort will be made available as space permits, and is expected to occur approximately every 1-2 years. A new cohort is currently planned to begin every other year.

What happens once I become an accepted candidate?

Accepted candidates are expected to register for BIOL 810 upon acceptance to the Certificate program. In lieu of this they may provide documentation of current enrollment in or completion of Biology 810 within the past 3 years. Similarly, if science elective course has already been or is currently being completed, provide documentation of current enrollment in or completion of selected course as applicable. Documentation may include copy of course enrollment confirmation, unofficial transcript, etc. as appropriate. These will be reviewed along with application materials, and will also be used to update the Certificate checklist upon completion of all requirements.