The Graduate Certificate in College Science Teaching (CCST) provides students with teaching experience under the guidance of a master teacher, as well as coursework in pedagogy and assessment, with a capstone immersive teaching internship at a local institution tailored to the trainee. The certificate program is intended for doctoral students in biological and biomedical sciences who wish to pursue teaching-intensive or teaching-related careers.

Training will include:

  • learn best practices of college science teaching (including formal pedagogical training and applications thereof)
  • development of teaching materials and course modules, including a mentored team-teaching experience
  • a capstone teaching internship to gain independent teaching experience
  • creation of a personalized teaching document to reflect and demonstrate practical teaching skills

Benefits of participating:

  • gain teaching experience and expertise while learning from experienced teaching mentors
  • build your curriculum vitae as an instructor of record with a formally recognized credential
  • be a member of a selective cohort of educators in an active learning community
  • build competitive application materials and be ready to teach in your first position

Click the images below to learn more about the purpose and learning objectives of the program, or to view a sample timeline.

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